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Push Travel Trolley Washer Type

Product Code: HMT


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  • Brand: Raptor
Model Dimensions Capacity Weight Price
HMT05 Beam Size 64-140mm 500Kgs 7.00Kgs £52.50
HMT10 Beam Size 64-140mm 1000Kgs 12.00Kgs £60.00
HMT20 Beam Size 76-165mm 2000Kgs 22.00Kgs £98.00
HMT30 Beam Size 76-203mm 3000Kgs 30.00Kgs £145.00
HMT50 Beam Size 88-203mm 5000Kgs 55.00Kgs £215.00
HMT100 Beam Size 125-203mm 10000Kgs 93.00Kgs £450.00
500Kg - 5,000Kg capacity
·Easy to install
·Adjustable by use of washers
· Supplied with a EC Declaration of Conformity

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