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50mm Wide 2 Part Ratchet Strap Systems - CLAW HOOKS

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  • Brand: Spitfire
Model Dimensions Capacity Weight Price
RL50CL4 50mm x 4Mtr Lashing Capacity: 2500daN 2.00Kgs £6.15
RL50CL6 50mm x 6Mtr Lashing Capacity: 2500daN 2.21Kgs £6.35
RL50CL8 50mm x 8Mtr Lashing Capacity: 2500daN 2.41Kgs £6.85
RL50CL10 50mm x 10Mtr Lashing Capacity: 2500daN 2.62Kgs £7.70
RL50CL12 50mm x 12Mtr Lashing Capacity: 2500 daN 2.85Kgs £8.50

This product is eligible for our crazy custom cargo offer.

Each and every one of our ratchet straps are manufactured in the UK and conform to EN12195-2:2001 the European standards.

The quality of these ratchets are brilliant, the components are really durable and function superb, please note the handle mechanism is not flimsy and cheap like many ratchets on the market. if you want a strap you can go to and depend on, that is what we offer. Available in any length, please ring if the length you desire is not available.
You are looking at a two part system:
-Short Tail: The small part, measuring 30cm featuring your end-fitting one end with the ratchet handle the other end.
-Long Tail: The larger part, with your end-fitting one end and the other end plain to be able to slide through the ratchet handle mechanism. this is the part that goes over your cargo.
Custom labels with your logo/branding printed on and your own ID numbers available when you purchase over 50 ratchets. Standard labels will be used otherwise.

The webbing is very durable and has a lashing capacity of 2500daN, with a width of 50mm. And the ratchet handle has a locked position feature to ensure that your load stays secure.
If you are transporting cargo with sharp edges we suggest either using a protective wear-sleeve on the contact points or use corner movers to protect the webbing from fraying.

All ratchets can be supplied with individual certification should it be required.


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