How Do I Choose the Right Drum Lift?

How Do I Choose the Right Drum Lift?

Drum lifts are highly versatile tools that play a vital role in a range of industries. Designed to safely lift and transport heavy drums or barrels, a reliable drum lift is fundamental to streamlining your team’s operations. Selecting the right drum lift for these operations is crucial, as making the wrong choice can have serious consequences, including damaged goods and workplace accidents. So, how do you choose the right one?  

In this blog, we’ll delve into the essential aspects to consider when choosing the right drum lift, offering expert insights to help you avoid potential drawbacks and maintain smooth operations. But first, let’s take a look at the different types of drum lifts available here at UK Lifting Store. 

What are the Different Types of Drum Lifts?  

Here at UK Lifting Store, we’re proud to offer an extensive collection of UK-manufactured drum lifters, designed to meet all your drum handling needs. Some of our most popular drum lifters include:  

Adjustable Drum Lifter 

Ideal for lifting 35 or 55-gallon steel and plastic drums, our Adjustable Drum Lifter offers a sturdy design that keeps drums upright for easy transportation and gentle loading into overpacks.  

Vertical Drum Clamp  

Our Vertical Drum Clamp is designed for grabbing onto pallets in confined areas, offering secure gripping and gentle loading of both open and closed steel drums.  

Self Locking Drum Lifter  

Specifically designed for 30-gallon plastic drums, our Self-Locking Drum Lifter keeps drums vertical during use and works seamlessly with overhead hoists or forklift hook attachments.  

Manual/Vertical Drum Lifter Dispenser  

Ideal for low-level pouring and dumping operations, our Manual/Vertical Drum Lifter Dispenser features a positive tilt lock to keep drums upright during transit, and 360-degree rotation capability. 

Choosing the Right Drum Lift 

Here are 6 essential questions to consider when choosing the right drum lift for your operations: 

1. What are you storing?  

The first thing to consider when choosing a drum lift is what you’ll be storing inside the drums or barrels. The characteristics of the stored materials will drastically impact your lift selection, whether it’s liquids, solids, or hazardous substances. For example, if you’re handling corrosive materials, you’ll need a drum lift with corrosion-resistant materials for optimal longevity and safety.  

2. What type of drum are you using?  

Drums and barrels come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s crucial to choose a lift that can accommodate the dimensions of the specific drums you’re using. Consider factors like drum diameter, height, and weight when choosing the right lift for your operations.  

3. What load capacity do you need?  

When selecting a drum lift, one of the most critical factors to consider is its load capacity. The lift should be able to safely handle the weight of the drums or barrels you'll be lifting. If you exceed the lift’s load capacity, this could lead to equipment failure and pose serious safety risks.  

4. What is the required lifting height? 

The lifting height of the drum lift is another crucial consideration, especially if you work in confined spaces or spaces with varying heights. Make sure the lift's maximum lifting height meets your specific operational requirements, as this will ensure you can safely manoeuvre drums to the desired heights without risk of overextension or instability. 

5. How easy is the drum to manoeuvre?  

For efficient and safe drum handling, ease of manoeuvrability is essential. Consider factors such as the lift's wheel configuration, turning radius, and overall manoeuvrability in tight spaces. To enhance manoeuvrability, you could opt for a drum lift with swivel casters or adjustable handles to ensure smooth navigation around your workspace. 

6. What safety features do you need?  

Safety is non-negotiable when it comes to drum handling. Look for lifts equipped with features such as overload protection, safety locks, and ergonomic handles to enhance operator safety and minimise the risk of accidents and injuries.  

Make the Right Choice with UK Lifting Store  

Choosing the right drum lift requires careful consideration of various factors, including the stored materials, drum type, load capacity, and many more. When you take the time to assess your specific operational needs and understand the capabilities of different drum lifts, you can select the best suited drum lift enhance efficiency and safety in your workplace. At UK Lifting Store, we offer an entire collection of drum lifts to ensure safe, efficient, and streamlined drum handling every time.  

Get in touch with our team if you require any assistance on choosing the right drum lift.  

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