RAPTOR Furniture Movers

RAPTOR Furniture Movers

All of our furniture movers come complete with a ratchet tie-down strap to secure the weight on your mover and prevent it from toppling over while travelling. This will improve your chances of having a smooth and safe relocation. This enables this piece of operating equipment to be swift and easy to use while also allowing users with no prior experience to trust it.

This simple piece of equipment transportation option eliminates the need for huge machinery such as a forklift or crane. This makes it so much easier for you to manoeuvre your goods and bulky equipment around your workplace flat floor space.

FM60 – 600 Kgs Manual Furniture Movers

This is a 600kg manual furniture mover. The screw jack lifting system has a maximum lift height of 300mm. If you need to move large goods such as machinery or refrigerators, this example could be great.

600 Kgs Manual Furniture Movers
You can slide the toes of each trolley under the sides of your load with this piece of equipment so that if your load is light enough, you can cooperate with a teammate to rock the load onto the toes of each trolley. If you plan on utilising this piece of equipment again, make sure the padded support bars on each trolley are snug against the load so you can fully utilise and control the toe.

With this equipment, simply tie down the load to the trolleys using the accompanying tie-down strap, lifting the weight to clear the floor with the screw jack mechanism, and go!

FM180A – 1,800 Kgs Small Hydraulic Furniture Movers

1,800 Kgs Small Hydraulic Furniture Movers

This hydraulic variant has a lifting height of 100m and a capacity of 1,800kg. It also comes with a ratchet strap for extra assistance while moving heavier loads. This mover is great for machines, cabinets, and hefty items, like that of the manual version.

FM180B – 1,800 Kgs Large Hydraulic Furniture Movers

1,800 Kgs Large Hydraulic Furniture Movers

This is another hydraulic variant with a lifting height of 250mm and a capacity of 1,800kg, making it the appropriate solution if you require a higher lifting height than the type above. If you need to transport any type of large furniture, this piece of equipment can help.


  • Manual Furniture Movers
    • One person may operate it.
    • Ideal for one-time projects.
    • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Hydraulic Furniture Movers
    • The hydraulic lift makes moving loads a breeze.
    • Perfect for professional use.
    • Capable of handling heavier loads.

Although it may appear to be a simple piece of equipment, transferring any load carries the danger of harm or damage to the cargo and individual. UKLS always want to make sure you're transferring goods in the safest and smoothest possible method, with the aim of minimising to you, your colleagues, and any other operators nearby.

You can follow the instructions below to relocate your furniture or machinery safely:

  • On both sides, lower the toes.
  • Load your furniture or machinery onto the mover.
  • Check that the load is balanced to avoid it rolling off from the equipment.
  • When pushing, avoid any obstacles on the floor or moving over bumps.
  • Check that the load isn't too heavy; don't stack loads on top of each other to save time.
  • Only load as much as you can handle.

UKLS offers high-quality furniture movers in a variety of capacities and lifting heights, ensuring that you can select the right one for your business. There are manual and hydraulic variants available, each with its own set of advantages that are tailored to your company's objectives and ambitions.

This piece of equipment is easy to transport and use as it can be safely controlled by one person using the handles. We've hope that our necessary precautions above help guide your understanding of how to operate this piece of equipment safely.

UK Lifting Store Ltd strive to guarantee that our clients and customers are completely educated about the products and services we provide, as well as provide you with suggestions to ensure that it is the best answer for you and your team's issue.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this product, please feel free to contact a member of our team either at ‘sales@ukliftingstore.co.uk’ or give us a call on 0121 368 0662.

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