Top 10 Essential Lifting Accessories for Every Job Site

Top 10 Essential Lifting Accessories for Every Job Site

Lifting accessories are the underdogs of all successful lifting operations. In the demanding environments of construction sites, warehouses, and industrial facilities where lifting is a daily occurrence, the right accessories can make all the difference. Not only do they streamline efficiency and productivity, but they also help to ensure the safety of all personnel on site.  

In this blog, we’ll reveal the top 10 essential lifting accessories for every job site available here at UK Lifting Store, all supplied with an EC Declaration of Conformity. Read on to discover the crucial tools your lifting operations could be lacking! 

1. Eyebolts 

Eyebolts are a staple in any lifting operation. They are used to attach ropes or cables to objects for lifting and are incredibly versatile. Our imperial eye bolts are available in numerous sizes, each suited for different applications.  

Undoubtedly essential for lifting and rigging tasks, eyebolts like our Metric Collared Eyebolts and High Tensile Lifting Eyebolts offer stable and secure attachment points that greatly enhance safety and efficiency.  

2. Duplex Webbing Slings  

Our UK-manufactured Duplex Webbing Slings are well-known for their exceptional durability and strength. Available in capacities ranging from 1,000 Kgs to 15,000 Kgs, these slings are designed for lifting heavy loads such as machinery, construction materials, and other heavy objects.  

Made from high-quality and materials, our Duplex Webbing Slings are indispensable on any job site. And with optimal resistance to wear and tear, you can enjoy long-lasting and reliable performance when you need it most.

15,000 Kgs UK Manufactured Duplex Webbing Sling

3. Shackles  

Crucial for connecting lifting chains, ropes, and other accessories, our shackles range here at UK Lifting Store offers collections of 4 key types: DEE Shackles, BOW Shackles, Stainless Steel Shackles and Green Pin® Shackles 

Each type of lifting shackle is designed for specific lifting tasks, offering the flexibility and security you need when it comes to these intricate operations. For rigging operations, shackles are non-negotiable, and ensure the lift is performed efficiently and as safe as possible.  

4. Eyenuts  

Eyenuts, including our Eye Nut 8.8 and Stainless Steel Eyenut, are similar to eyebolts but used in different applications. Threaded onto rods or bolts, they are used to create a secure lifting point. 

Eyenuts are particularly useful in environments where there is limited space, offering a compact and convenient solution for secure lifting.  

5. Four Leg Chain Sling  

Four Leg Chain Slings are the go-to for lifting heavy and awkward loads. Available in Grade 80 and Grade 100 with multiple chain size and length options, these slings are designed to handle multiple lifting points and make sure loads are evenly distributed and securely lifted.  

Offering superior strength and durability, these slings are perfect for complex lifting operations, providing the essential support and stability.  

Four Leg Chain Sling Grade 100

6. Galvanised Wire Rope Slings  

Essential for lifting heavy loads in harsh environments, galvanised wire rope provides excellent resistance to corrosion. The flexibility of the wire rope allows for easy manipulation and positioning, while the galvanised coating protects against rust and wear. 

The corrosion resistance of these slings, like our Single Leg Wire Rope Sling, makes them ideal for lifting tasks in construction, marine, and industrial settings where durability and reliability are key in every single lift.  

7. Man Hole Pins  

Man Hole Pins are used to secure manhole covers during lifting operations. Available in multiple designs, like our Key Type and Shackle Type, they’re crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient lifting of man hole covers, especially for underground access points.  

The robust design of these pins prevents slippage and ensures a secure fit which reduces the risk of accidents.  

8. Tag Lines 

When controlling loads during lifting operations, tag lines are fundamental, as they help to guide and stabilise loads. This helps to prevent unwanted movement and ensure optimal safety. Thanks to their ability to control loads, tag lines are particularly useful in windy conditions or when lifting awkwardly shaped loads.  

Made from highly durable materials, tag lines are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-term reliability and precision when lifting loads.  



Tag Line

9. Non-Rotating Wire Rope  

Designed to prevent the rope from spinning under load, non-rotating wire rope also offers enhanced safety and control. Available in different sizes, like 19 x 7 and 18 x 7, non-rotating galvanised wire rope is made from ‘Z’ shape wires that interlock to create a structure that is both highly secure and resilient.  

Commonly used in construction and industrial applications where load stability is crucial, the non-rotating design of these ropes reduces the risk of rope kinking and twisting, which can jeopardise the efficiency of the lifting process.  

10. Disposable Slings  

Disposable/one trip slings are single-use lifting accessories designed for optimal convenience and safety. These slings are perfect for tasks that require a quick and efficient lifting solution without the need for long-term investment.  

Disposable slings offer the benefits of reduced maintenance and inspection requirements, which also makes them perfect for temporary or one-time lifting operations.  


Choosing the right lifting accessories is vital for ensuring efficiency, productivity, and safety on any job site. At UK Lifting Store, we’re proud to offer a wide range of lifting accessories that meet the diverse needs of construction professionals, warehouse managers, and industrial maintenance personnel alike.  

Browse our range of lifting accessories today or get in touch for expert advice on the right lifting accessories for your operations. 

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